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About Us

EcoTrash was established in 2019 with one mission: to increase the presence and accessibility of 'eco-trashing' to reduce Oxford's environmental impact!

Since the 1970s, trashing has been a great tradition to celebrate the end of exams for Oxford students. However, this can have a dangerous impact on animal life and the environment.

EcoTrash sources eco-friendly trashing equipment and delivers it to you same day!

We understand that last minute trashings can be a hassle and we hope that our same day delivery service will attract all students to use our eco-friendly products. We believe accessibility and the best prices for students will help us achieve our mission. 

We offer a wide range of products such as biodegradable confetti, coloured powder and soon eco-glitter. We introduced exam carnations and white sashes designed to have personalised messages for your friends, making your trashing more personal and fun.

In Trinity 2021, Oxford students, from 38 colleges, bought over 2,250+ packs of natural coloured powder, 1,250+ bags of biodegradable confetti, 250+ carnation flowers, all in 1,000+ recycled-paper bags!

We are very proud to be featured in The Oxford Blue newspaper and OX1 Incubator's #meetthestartup article! Check it out EcoTrash in the news by clicking here!

We would like to sincerely thank all our supporters and hope we can continue the fantastic work so far! Celebrate your exams the EcoTrash way! #EcoTrash